Innovative Solutions Through Data-Driven Decision Making

The Mission of Integrity Partners for Behavioral Health is to achieve optimum, cost-effective, behavioral and physical health care outcomes by leading system change and facilitating broad-based physical and behavioral health network collaboration and partnerships. Through our clinically integrated network of providers and shared systems for data analytics and quality improvement, our community members will experience cost-effective, optimal health and recovery outcomes.

Integrity Parnters is committed to advancing the behavioral health outcomes of our clients by creating a comprehensive and robust data warehouse through a partnership with the University at Buffalo School of Social Work and Biostatistics Department and Washington University in St. Louis School of Social Work that will:

  1. Create a data warehouse using IPBH data;
  2. Characterize substance use and mental health services along with additional health data/variables which expose paths toward heath behavior success;
  3. Examine the effectiveness of these services as measured by treatment outcomes and need for subsequent additional services;
  4. Develop profiles and predictors of treatment success relative to costs of treatment, not only in initial delivery of services but also in terms of subsequent costs and other health outcomes associated with effective treatment/health behaviors; 
  5. Uncover service providers with high success in order to launch deeper investigations into factors related to that success that will be a guide to implementing value-base payment model;
  6. Establish CQI metrics and reporting mechanisms;
  7. Disseminate findings through peer-reviewed publications and professional conferences; and
  8. Explore funding opportunities for long-term sustainability of our collaboration.

This partnership has enormous potential that will provide IPBH and other rural-based networks with an opportunity to learn from 3 nationally recognized researchers and the #1 and #10 Schools of Social Work in the nation.