Partnering with Managed Care Organizations To Improve Behavioral Health Outcomes for Rural NYS

Integrity Partners recognizes the challenge faced by Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) as they seek to provide the highest level of coverage to our most vulnerable populations. We also recognize the incredible challenge of maintaining a safety net of care for rural communities that includes primary care, mental health care, and substance/opioid use disorders treatment. Finally, Integrity Partners understands that in order to sustain our current infrastructure, improve outcomes for individuals and populations, and ensure the most efficient use of financial and human resources, we will need to accomplish the following:

  1. Clinically integrate evidence-based treatment programs across the network;
  2. Collect comprehensive data, use sophisticated data analysis strategies, and develop clinical quality improvement strategies that benefit the entire network;
  3. Ensure optimal access for clients and continuity of care;
  4. Collaborate with primary care providers to maximize the overall health of our clients; and
  5. Work together to ensure the long-term sustainability of the network.

Integrity Partners will work collaboratively with MCOs to achieve mutually beneficial goals that result in the best possible behavioral health outcomes for the residents of our 14 counties.